EK Fitness Cheadle

The Task:

We were asked to create a website with content written from scratch. The website had to reflect the services provided by the gym and needed to have ‘plenty of pink’ as requested directly by the client.

What we did:

We had started to create the site, laying out the content first and designing and re-arranging after. We had chosen initially a pink background, with black highlights for the main colour scheme. 

We had considered at that point whether there was too much pink and flipped the scheme, opting for a black/dark grey background and instead highlight with the pink. This seemed to have been the better option, and we consulted with the client on whether that was enough pink. It was!

During the web design project, we were also asked to create a logo for the football team ‘Pumas’ managed by the EK Fitness team.

Project time:

This project lasted around 4-5 months due to work arounds with the booking system as the client had opted to use a contact form as opposed to a dedicated system, this meant we had to create tables for the booking forms. We also had a change of team members a few times, and information to add so all in all this was a quick turnaround for our client.