Gelato & Cakes

The Task:

We were approached by Gelato & Cakes to redesign their website, and provide them with unique, catchy and recognisable logo.

What we did:

We began by creating the logo, taking into account important details about the gelato and fitting that in to the design.

Gelato and Cakes’ dairy is sourced directly from a farm just 1 mile away, so it was important to incorporate the cow as well as the gelato and cones.

We then started on the website, it was crucial to provide a more playful and fun feel to the site rather than something a little more coporate. When the user visits the site, they are welcomed by the logo, on a pink ice cream patterned background. This immediately reassures the user that they are where they need to be.

We provide on the homepage, 2 sections that take the user to the most important parts. The first part being about the gelato and the business, and the second part linking to the menu.

Project time:

The project lasted around 2 weeks as the content was already provided. This allowed us to focus solely on the design of the website. We offered technical support when the client’s hosting provider settings had caused the website to show incorrectly. We fixed this after a couple of days and the site was ready to go.