Hunters 4 Staff

The Task:

We were approached by Hunters 4 Staff to design a logo and website with content put togther from scratch. We were also asked to design the banner and signage for the premises.

What we did:

We started by planning with the client in regards to what they were after, the colours they like and what type of site they were aiming for. As this was a more corporate project, we decided on a simple, bold design with a simple colour scheme.

We then got to work with the logo, and after discussing with the client about previous quotes and ideas they had been given, we proposed a logo that directly reflects the name. Hunters 4 staff needed a logo which said just that. We designed the logo to include a bow and arrow to reflect the hunting part, and the name reflected the staffing part. The bow and arrow describes how the agency hunts for your next career.

During the project, the client had requested banner designs and signage designs for their premises.

Project time:

The project lasted around 2-3 months due to the extra services requested. The client was highly satisfied with the turnaround and the services and quality we had provided.